When you MUST dress your part.


Anyone can don a tiara, assuming it is the right

occasion! Tiaras are the most regal jewel after crowns

which are reserved for royalty. Tiaras can be commissioned from us and are the most magnificent headpiece possible

for formal events. They are the ultimate jewel for grand occasions including balls, white-tie, diplomatic and state occasions as well as other important festivities.


Tiaras and the precious stones which

make them sparkle


Tiaras are known best set with diamonds, be that as it may, they can also feature a combination of diamonds with

precious stones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds.

 Combinations of aquamarine or amethyst with diamonds are stunning. Tiaras set with a combination of gemstone colors and sizes are equally splendid, by complementing

and enhancing  your personal personal

complexion and wardrobe.


Compellingly  dynastic, naming a tiara is a wonderful

way of creating an important jewel commemorating your grandest occasions. A named tiara can be passed along to future generations keeping a a treasured memory of you.

At completion our tiaras are presented to you in a

 jewelery case bearing the name

you have chosen.



Tiaras & Wedding days


On that most important day of her life a tiara most superbly complements a bride's beauty and grace can be be designed by us to match any expectations. Whether you prefer a delicate or opulent tiara, it will be the crowning piece of

your wedding wardrobe.


In its sparkling beauty, a tiara is the ultimate beautiful way

to anchor a wedding veil. Tiaras can be commissioned  for

 the bride to match a necklace and earrings given to her

as a wedding present.

Our Vow - Making Your Dream Wedding and Engagement Jewels come True




Toi et moi

The great classic, the "Solitaire" (a single diamond set in a prong mounting) and symbol of eternity. The diamond is the traditional gemstone when choosing a solitaire ring.

The "Trilogy" ring is a ring adorned with three central diamonds. The significance of the trilogy is particularly meaningful as it symbolizes the three life stages of your relationship: past, present and future.

The "You and I" ring symbolizes the romantic twosome together forever. This ring is composed of two interlaced gemstones (diamonds, precious stones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald or pearls) at the top of the ring.



The "Daisy" is the traditional ring of the gentry and stands for a dynastic vision and lasting love and loyalty. This regal ring is composed of a central precious stone surrounded by diamonds.


Heart rings, often composed of two intertwined and inseparable hearts, true to the message of love that every happy couple aspires to.


Dream creations inspired by  your vision and interpreted by us in a special design.


How to choose the perfect

engagement ring?

 For Weddings and Grand Occasions and when only best will do.