Truly precious.

Our special way with time.

We create unique and treasured timepieces for you.



Bespoke Ladie's and Men's Watches


Our made-to-order Swiss made timepieces make timekeeping precious in the true sense of the word.


We are second generation Swiss watchmakers and are expert in creating and realizing exquisite, signature style special order timepieces.


Each unique timekeeper is designed and crafted with absolute devotion for our distinguished clients. It is our passion and quest to produce a timekeeping jewel to treasure and cherish for generations.


Commissioning a made-to-order watch from us, opens up a world of possibilities. The vision you may have can be very personal and commemorate a cherished moment or memorable time or event. The  vision you may have for your timepiece may  be refined, elegant and classical, or if you so wish, audacious , whimsical, or even jocund. We take great care in discussing with you to know precisely what your vision for your piece is. You may have a very precise idea about the characteristics you envision or you may wish to have our design guidance. Either way, we are dedicated to creating exquisite timepieces which will exhalt their wearer and enthrall.


Highly personalizable timekeepers:


Each specially designed Timepiece is crafted in gold or platinum and can be set with gemstones, feature a precious watch dial, a gemstone watch glass and be enhanced by engravings, inscriptions, enamel artwork and other special personalizations.


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