Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we have been designing and manufacturing  fine jewelery, timekeeping and art object masterpieces for our clients for over 15 years.  We are expert jewelers and can draw on second generation watchmaking experience. We aspire to create distinctive jewelery which is classical and timelessly spectacular, ravishingly beautiful and sophisticated in style and is of an exceptionally high creative worth, value and quality. It is this quest for excellence and the desire to create exceptional jewels, that inspired us to establish ourselves as jewelers.


Surpassing and exceeding our own and our client's expectations each and every time is what we strive for. Creating magnificent and cherished jewels and treasures to be passed on from generation to generation is our passion.


High design and sophisticated style, exceptional savoir-faire, extreme attention to detail and going out of our way to find just the right technique, time-honored,  traditional or the most recent, state-of-art, or a  that certain perfect precious stone that will make our client's dream come true is what distinguishes us and gives birth to the exemplary semi-personalized or one-of-a-kind pieces we are proud of.


We are extremely keen on personal service, and are devoted to interpreting our client's vision of their dream jewel and offering them our expert advice. As a matter of principle, each piece commissioned is closely monitored throughout the entirety of its realization and clients are kept abreast regularly with reports of the work in progress. All production stages are drawn out in a project execution and project control plan which is  systematically followed up upon and reviewed by our team.

Who we are.