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How to choose the engagement ring?


Before discussing the technical parts, we will talk about the symbolism of the engagement ring.


While some claim that the custom of the engagement ring originated as early as in prehistoric and Egyptian rites, the official existence of the ring can be traced to ancient Greek and Roman times. At the time, it was a simple iron ring that was worn on the left ring  finger where there was, according to ancient belief, a vein that connected this finger directly to the heart.


Later precious materials such as silver and bronze gradually replaced the simple iron ring. Not until the 15th century did we see the appearance of  engagement  rings adorned with precious stones and diamonds  and increasingly elaborate designs.


Stones added specific and significant meanings. Diamonds, for instance, were reserved for the nobility, and were the guarantor for the harmony in the couple.


This was the story. Now we will discuss choosing a contemporary  engagement ring!

Which stone to choose?













The diamond is also  the symbol of purity and eternity and is the gemstone most  often chosen for engagement rings. Diamonds have the advantage of matching with everything, as regards clothing and other jewelry. To match a budget, when purchasing a diamond as the main gemstone of an engagement ring, you will have to play between the size, color and purity. We recommend also reading the information provided in this website regarding the 4c's of the diamond by clicking on the related link above in this page.


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Colored Gemstones


Offering an engagement ring mounted with a sapphire, an emerald or a ruby is a highly traditional choice with numerous fortes. The criteria for determining the budget for a colored gemstone engagement ring are somewhat different to those of diamonds.


An engagement ring set with a precious colored gemstone such those mentioned above is an original choice, and can highlight perhaps more individually than the diamond the personality and beauty of the bride. Certainly, a colored gemstone formidably complements the distinctive traits of the bride. A breathtaking result is obtained when the colored gemstone is highlighted with halo of diamonds.  A sapphire or emerald as central gemstone of the engagement ring can match your fiancées eye color, or a ruby can be a token of your passion and love for her. The special meaning the hue of colored gemstone has for your and your beloved are personal and there are no strict rules. We advise you to find out the the preferences and taste of your future fiancée. We can offer assistance by providing ideas and sharing our experience.

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